12 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Massage Chair

Massage was once seen as something you’d enjoy at a health club or spa—in other words, a luxury. However, it’s been noted that massage provides numerous benefits and is so much more than a relaxation therapy.

With the advent of massage chairs, it’s never been easier to get a massage. You need not travel long distances or wait in queues to book an appointment with a massage therapist as a massage chair allows you to experience the health benefits and relaxation right at your own home. Make sure to check the website Shiatsu Chairs for reviews if you intend to get a massage chair.

So, here are 12 great reasons why you buy yourself a massage chair.

Eases back pain

If you regularly experience fatigue, aches and pain in your back—be it the middle or upper back, you aren’t alone. In fact, 4 out 5 Americans will suffer debilitating back pain at some point in their life. But a massage chair can help relieve back pain. A 20-minute session in this chair is just as effective as sessions for other treatments like acupuncture and meditation.

Boosts immunity

Sitting for 20-30 minutes in a massage chair daily will help enhance white blood cells formation; these cells are vital for fighting disease in your body. And more importantly, having a massage helps enhance the stress-easing sensations which directly help to reduce emotional and mental stress and maintain your health.

Improves your sleep

Have you ever fallen asleep while getting a massage? Well, that’s because massage encourages healthy sleep. Countless studies have been done about this connection, and it’s due to the brain waves linked to deep sleep—which are known as delta waves. A brief session in your massage chair before you go to bed will help you get better rest, and recuperate from your stressful day. When you sleep better and adequately, your overall health and well-being improves.

Improves circulation

A 15-20 minute session in your massage chair can greatly benefit your health. It will encourage your lymphatic drainage system to flush toxins out of your cells so they can enhance the circulation of nutrients as well as oxygenated blood.

Beats PMS

Ok, this is good news for you ladies out there. For you men, however, just remember that if your wife is happy, then you have a happy life. There have been a few studies that have shown that getting a massage in a massage chair can relieve PMS symptoms such as mood swings and bloating.

Reduces stress

Stress can lead to mental fatigue, sleep disorder as well as other conditions like high blood pressure. Sit in a massage chair to decrease your overall stress levels (by decreasing the amount of stress hormones in your bloodstream to stem the rising blood pressure).

Relaxes the muscles

A massage chair can help relax your muscles and let you keep a good posture. This chair caters to specific muscles and makes different kinds of strokes to ease the pain. When your muscles relax, they become balanced. They more they relax, the more balanced they get. Injury to one group of muscles causes pressure on the nearby muscles and that results in imbalance, affecting the general muscle balance. A session in your massage chair will leave an overall soothing feeling on your body. The better the body’s balance, the better your posture becomes.

Eases pressure on nerves

A reclining chair provides support for your back horizontally and reduces the pressure on your spine. As several major nerves that connect the peripheral parts of the body pass through the spinal column, any form of stress on your spine can put pressure on the nerves. If there’s no pressure on the nerves, they work better and this is where a massage chair is useful.

Eases cancer treatments

When you consider the numerous benefits of massage chairs, you can begin to appreciate just how massage chairs can help people with cancer—or being treated for this serious condition. This is an area that’s had plenty of studies done—and they’ve proven that massage can help relieve pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and nausea in people with cancer.

Increases focus

If you’re lacking focus at work or your other daily tasks, sitting in your massage chair may help. A session in a good massage chair helps improve your concentration at work as well as other activities, resulting in increased happiness and mental well-being.

Cures aching feet

Many massage chairs today come with calf and foot massage units. The Chinese know the benefits of reflexology so well because they understand that having healthy feet is a sign of good overall body health.

It just feels nice

Time spent in a massage chair is like having a short mind vacation at any time. Such a session induces an amazing, meditative, serene state that’s so rare in today’s busy lifestyles.