2 Factors to Consider When Choosing Tool Chests: Metal Top vs. Wooden Top

If you’re serious about beautifying certain areas around your home, you should be serious about the kind of tool chest you want to have around – especially as a DIY handyman. As it keeps your tools (e.g. saws, screwdrivers, nuts, floor boards, drills) securely, safely, and readily-usable, each kind of tool chest works differently.

For instance, try focusing on metal tops and wooden tops. While both of them are designed to store and organize all your gears, there is a difference between each one.

Here are two factors worth considering.


#1 – Type of Work

First off, you need to consider the nature of your work.

Do you do a lot of knocking? How about lifting heavy objects and hammering? In such a case, a wooden top tool chest is the recommended option since it can remain dent-free when you are doing these kinds of work often.

Do you work in an industrial place with occasional exposure to fire? Do you work in bathroom and kitchen spaces? If so, a metal top tool chest is the more suitable kind.

Unlike the chest with a wooden top, a metal top tool chest will not burn easily, nor will it jeopardize the safety of your tool chest’s contents as you work in bathroom and kitchen spaces.

#2 – The Pros & Cons

Remember, choosing the right tool chest is important. While some — especially amateurs — would assume the only difference in each kind is in the appearance, unique sets of advantages and disadvantages are actually part of the deal. And these differences can help improve the way you work.

Metal top advantages:

    • Better at storing heavy objects
    • Offers protection against fire, projectiles, and falling missiles


Wooden top advantages:

    • Water-absorbent
    • Incredibly durable; can withstand threats of natural elements (e.g. rain, flood)
    • Offers choices (e.g. sycamore wood, mahogany wood, maple wood)


Metal top disadvantages:

    • Susceptible to rusting over time
    • Susceptible to denting


Wooden top disadvantages:

    • Does not offer protection against fire
    • Does not offer protection against termites (i.e. can rot quickly)


So, Metal or Wood?

In conclusion, both a tool chest with a metal top and one with a wooden top have their unique features. So, whether a metal top tool chest or a wooden top tool chest is the right equipment for you, the decision is yours. Consider the above-mentioned factors to help you in determining a better choice.

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