2-Step Process on How to Beautify Old Furniture with Fabric Spray Paints

Old furniture can be awesome – – to those people who have a classic taste, at least.

The thing is, not all people find beauty in old furniture. By those who are into the modern and edgy vibe, the old items are worth throwing away.

Well, if you’re one of those people, hold your horses. Here’s some good news: fabric spray paints!

Yes — you can use fabric spray paints for re-spraying larger projects such as sofas and beach umbrellas.

Step 1: Consider Certain Factors & Prepare All the Necessary Materials

The first step is the preparation process. It’s best to gather all the things you need for the re-spraying project.

To start, consider your preferred color for the spray paints. Since this would be a re-spraying project, you could just go with the furniture’s original color.

And as you buy the spray paints, make sure you have enough supply. To be on the safe side, buy a bit more of what you need.

You may also need a spray paint gun, especially if you’re about to take on a multi-furniture spray painting project.

Step 2: Paint Strategically

With all the materials in check, you can already paint away!

But make sure that you’ll be using the spray paints strategically. Otherwise, you may not paint the entire furniture well. Worse, you may end up running out of spray paints midway.

A good strategy is to uninstall the furniture first, if possible. For example, take away the sofa legs if you’re re-spraying a sofa.

Then place the pieces of the furniture on a solid surface — somewhere hard and flat. Doing a re-spraying project on your front lawn is a great idea. You can lay down the pieces on the grass without needing to protect the ground with old newspapers.

But you can also do the project inside your house. Just make sure you place old newspapers on the ground, walls, and everywhere the paint will touch. Doing this spares you from a tedious cleaning session that may follow.

A Tip

Don’t be in a hurry as you re-spray old furniture. Make sure you paint all their corners, as well as the hard-to-reach areas.

After you finish spray painting, leave the furniture to fully dry. Depending on the weather in your location, 8 hours is the typical waiting period. During this time, don’t touch any portion of the furniture because doing so can compromise its quality.


With a fabric spray paint, you can revive old furniture in a matter of hours. And granted that you took the time to re-spray it well, this furniture will look good as new.