The 6 best foods for your breakfast

Most people are in a hurry when they wake up in the morning. Especially if you have children, you know that the struggle is real. You need to prepare the kids for school, get ready for work and of course prepare the family’s breakfast. As you know, breakfast is one of the most important meals throughout the day and you need to be very careful what you and your family eat.

Below you will find the easiest but yet the healthiest options for your breakfast.

1) Oatmeal

If you are a cereal lover, then oatmeal is the best option for you. It is made from ground oats that contain large amounts of fibers. These fibers are really beneficial for your organism. They reduce cholesterol, increase the feeling of fullness and they also have many antioxidants that are really helpful for those who want to lose weight or maintain a balance in their weight.

Also, oatmeal is essential for those who go to the gym since they have high levels of protein, especially when combined with milk.

2) Eggs

Eggs are extremely nutritious and healthy. As most nutritionists advocate, having eggs for breakfast can significantly reduce the total calorie intake since they increase the level of fullness. Also, they keep the insulin levels steady and you do not have any cravings for dessert throughout the day. Luckily there are many ways to cook eggs, so that you do not get bored. From scrambled, to boiled and omelets all the options are equally delicious.

3) Nuts

A great addition to your breakfast would be to add nuts. They are highly nutritious, extremely tasty and everyone loves them. Especially if you have children in the house that have troubles in eating in the morning, try giving them some nuts on their way to school or while they are getting dressed.

They are really beneficial for your health since they prevent heart diseases, decrease inflammation and insulin levels. You need to be careful though because they are really high in calories. It is really easy to get carried away and eat many more than you should. Each person needs approximately 1 ounce (or 1 serving) of nuts per day.

4) Greek yoghurt with fruit

Greek yoghurt is one of the most delicious and nourishing meals that can help you start your day and feel refreshed. It contains high levels of proteins that reduce the feeling of hunger and can also help your metabolism burn more fat that it would normally burn. Also, as all dairy products, they are extremely beneficial for your health since they contain many vitamins and other essential elements for your organism.

One extra tip would be to top your Greek yoghurt with chopped fruit like strawberries, bananas or cherries for an extra fruity taste that will enhance the taste of yoghurt.

5) Coffee/ Green Tea

If you are like most people, you cannot imagine the beginning of your day without coffee, since it contains caffeine. That is essential for your body, not only because it helps you wake up but also because it improves your performance, your mood and it also helps you lose weight.

In case you do not like coffee there are always other options like green tea. Although it contains smaller amounts of caffeine it still helps you become more alert, improves your mood and your alertness. On top of that, it contains high levels of antioxidants that are beneficial for your heart, nervous system and your brain. Since green tea is so beneficial you need to consider adding to your everyday menu.

6) Homemade smoothies

As you probably already know, smoothies are among the top options for a healthy breakfast. They are really nutritious, they provide a lot of energy and they are good for your immune system. Especially if you are trying to lose weight, you need to add smoothies to your diet, since they will prevent you from being hungry for many hours. Having the right blender provides wonderful motives for a creative smoothie since there are limitless available options when it comes to the ingredients.

By now you should have realized that it is not very hard to prepare a healthy and delicious breakfast. All the above options will provide you with the energy you need to start your day in a good mood and be able to cope with all the difficulties that may arise. Do not wait any longer! Go to the supermarket, buy all the ingredients and tomorrow morning prepare a delicious breakfast!