Bicycling Can Help You Lose Weight

The millions of diet books online and in brick and mortar bookstores are proof that the whole world is trying to lose weight.

All right, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But most of the world is.

One way to lose weight is to count calories. Getting a calorie chart that describes how many calories is in a chicken sandwich, a glass of milk, or a brownie, etc., can help you monitor your caloric intake, and can help you make sure that you don’t exceed your daily recommended calories based on your height, weight, and age.

Other factors determine your weight too, like activity level, illness, or genetics.

Besides watching what you eat, another great way to drop pounds is to take up exercising—anything from tennis to volleyball to walking. If you’ve noticed, bicycling is making a comeback. It’s such a trend for losing weight and staying in shape that more and newer bicycles are being manufactured every year.

And why not return to bicycling? It’s fun, it’s exercise, and it’s transportation.

Bicycles used to be simple things. They were 3-speed, 10-speed, or no-speed. There were mountain bikes, street bikes, and racing bikes.

Yes, those kinds of bikes still exist, but many more features have been added.

Today, buying a bicycle is almost like buying a car: So many features to choose from. And it can get really personal—right down to the color and style.

There are bikes for riders who have small children to tote around on the front or back.

There are bikes with super wide wheels.

There are bikes with super groovy traction.

There are bikes that can zip you through traffic like a hot knife through butter.

And they are all of varying sizes and performance levels.

Not to mention all of the gear and accessories you can get for your bike, from safety helmets to water bottles.

With so many bikes on the market, you’ll want to visit a site like Cycling Plaza to help you sort through the selections and features.

What better way to stay in shape than to return to the simple joy you experienced as a child or teenager from bicycling.

Remember how much fun it was? It hardly seemed like exercise at all.

Whichever form of exercise you choose to lose weight, whether it be jogging or bicycling, make sure you make an appointment with your doctor for a checkup. You want to make sure you’re physically healthy enough to start bicycling or doing any other form of regular exercise.