Fragrances – Why Notes Matter

Even those with the “coolest” sense of style get confused at times when choosing a fragrance. It is about personal style, attracting a mate, building your confidence levels, fostering emotional connections with people and most importantly giving the impression that you’re well put-together individual.

Fragrances evoke fond memories and can lift your mood too. But, with the ever changing fragrance industry, how do you maintain your unique style by choosing a perfume that will leave a lasting impression whenever you go?  Here’s what you should know.

Get to Know the Various Notes

Every fragrance or cologne has three notes that dictate its overall scent. The notes – base, top and middle notes – blend to create a particular scent. For instance, if you’re looking for a fragrance with a floral scent, you will go for the one with notes such as gardenia, rose or geranium or one with a fruitier note such as apple or citrus.

If you’re looking for an exotic perfume, spicy notes such as cinnamon or star anise will make an excellent choice.

Men are likely to choose notes that evoke masculinity such as pine. Before you set out to buy fragrance, be sure to sample a few of your favorite brands and check the notes. Visit Your Scent is Your Signature to learn more about different notes and how they affect the overall scent of your perfume or cologne.

Decide on the Concentration You Want

Fragrances have varying levels of concentration – four to be specific. Concentration is directly related to the cost which means that the more concentrated the cologne or perfume is, the more expensive it is. Needless to say, highly concentrated fragrances have a more powerful scent and last relatively longer. If you are not on a budget, these could make the best buys.

Highly concentrated fragrance is known as perfume and will last for more than 10 hours. The next lower level is called Eau de parfum and will last for less than eight hours. Third in line is eau de toilette. These can be found in most beauty shops and are relatively affordable. However, you have to apply them a couple of times to maintain the scent.

Fragrances with the lowest concentrations are called eau de cologne. They are the cheapest and last for two to three hours. The choice of one level of concentration over the other is determined by factors such as occasion and your tolerance to strong scents.

In conclusion, you may want to consider the people around you, say at work, before choosing the level of concentration. So, test the fragrance.