How to Grow your Followers on Instagram

These days, while there are multiple ways to go about building a successful Instagram account, there are only two baseline ways to execute the logistics. There used to be only one, but thanks to the sharpening smart-tool of the internet, there are now two. And it can be described in terms of cars: manual or automatic. Up until a little while ago, growing your Instagram account through liking other peoples content, commenting on that content, following other peoples pages, and putting up your own interesting posts was all done through a little bit of perseverance and daily consistency. But now there’s an automatic way of doing things.

It’s easy if you use an auto liker. An auto liker is an online Instagram bot that does all that tedious, boring stuff like liking other peoples posts, commenting on those posts, following those people, and even uploading your own scheduled posts for you so that you can concentrate on the offline part of your Instagram page. These technical apps have certainly made it easier on people who have busy lives with their fingers in multiple pies, which limits their online time and their manual abilities of keeping up with an Instagram page and growing their followers.

While this nifty software takes the hard work off your hands and helps you rest easy knowing it’s doing the uninteresting part of the job for you, keeping a manual presence in your Instagram page can still be helpful and it can still be worth knowing how to go about that the best way, incase that pocket money runs out and you can no longer afford to have a bot do your dirty work. Plus, having a few manual tricks up your sleeve and walking away knowing the ins and outs of Instagram better can’t hurt, right? After all, if that’s where your focus primarily lies, then it’s worth knowing a little bit about how things work around here.

One great thing to remember is to post memorable content. While this might seem really obvious, one of the first ways to keep those followers interested and devoted is to take good pictures. Instagram is swamped daily with pictures of peoples’ favourite things, so make sure your photos are well-taken and stand out for their quality. Within this nugget of advice, there’s another thing. Try to take pictures of content that is aimed specifically at your target audience. If your audience is able to connect with the pictures that you take, then they’re more likely to follow you and stay followed to you. However, this doesn’t mean you have to achieve the “perfect” photo. Ideal photos are images that seem human, so imperfections can often add to this feeling of being relatable. It’s all about balance.

Limit those pesky, addictive “selfies”. Everyone likes to post a good selfie every now and then, but you shouldn’t let this kind of picture dominate your Instagram. Most followers don’t care about seeing you and what you look like, they’re there for your content. Plus, constantly posting photos of yourself can come across as narcissistic and can put followers off, driving them away. One small exception to this, sadly, is if you are attractive. Somewhat unbelievably, you can attract a lot of followers by posting photos of yourself if you’re good-looking. But even then, limit them.

Remember, people are following you because they’ve seen what you have to offer so far and that has interested them. Continue to give them what they want by being consistent with your niche, and you will begin to grow a community that has gathered around your Instagram page because they like what you have to post. The beauty of this is that you now have a community of followers who are there to see you and your particular interest, so don’t derail that by making stupid, common mistakes that often occur when getting big-headed about the amount of followers you have. And if you can’t trust yourself to do the right thing, reach for that mouse and click the link through to auto liker, who will take the emotion out of it and get the job done, so that you don’t have to worry about all the drama that comes with being a famous Instagrammer.