My Day Trip to California!

My Day Trip to California!

tumblr_ltfktqiMgP1qi23vmo1_500California is the home to many of the wonderful things we love in modern society, one of those things being Hollywood. I had never been to Hollywood before this trip, and I never thought I was going to get the chance to go. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to convince some of your friends to come to Hollywood with you – you’d think at least one of them had dreams of being on the big screen! I’m realistic with my expectations, so I wasn’t going to try and work my way onto any movie sets (or anything like that). That isn’t what I came to California for, I just wanted to soak up some sun and (hopefully) get my hands on some high-quality food. I know that Venice Beach is one of the most popular attractions around, so I made it my mission to head on over there at one point. My experience was one that I want to share with the world, which is why I’m even writing this article. It allows me to explain things in a certain amount of detail, as opposed to just slapping a slide show of pictures together.  When you’re visiting any place that’s sunny, you’ll need a decent pair of sun glasses. I’m not the best person to be shopping with, as I have a terrible sense of style – especially when it comes to the female perspective!

If you’re going to visit California, make sure you’re going to go with some friends. It’s an awesome place to travel towards, but you don’t want to do it by yourself (unless you’re a backpacker, since that’s kind of what they enjoy doing in life). You won’t be able to make the most of your experience if you’re alone, and it’s always going to feel great when you can share these moments with a friend or two.

Everything is So Sunny: Dealing with the Day

The beach was the first thing I wanted to experience, so I took my swimsuit and headed out to the sandy floors of Venice. Since I know that Venice is one of the most popular beaches in California, I made sure that I was looking out for any reputable food trucks. Food trucks are constantly making their rounds all over Venice beach, and there’s even a little strip where they all gather at specific times of the day. This was nice, because I got to take a dip in the ocean and grab some food directly after. I didn’t even have to drive anywhere, I took public transport all the way there and all the way back. I don’t like renting cars on my trips anyways, so that was a nice little change of pace.

After the beach, me and a couple of my friends wanted to head on down to Hollywood Boulevard. We were going to wait for a different day to do that, but we really had nothing else to do at the beach. We had all gotten our ice cream, and it was time for us to go and experience a little more of California. I would have to say that visiting Hollywood was my favorite part about the trip, and I’m going to let you in on why that is.

The City of Angels

Cali-Coast-Road-TripWe took the bus to Hollywood, and as soon as we got there I was starstruck. It was almost like you were going to see a star around every corner, except we really didn’t get to spot any. I’m not sure if they were all busy filming movies or something, but I was hoping to see Brad Pitt or Samuel L. Jackson (or anybody, I mean, come on!). Hollywood is cool because there are tons of attractions to enjoy, one of them being the Walk of Fame. There are tons of starts that honor many different people, some of which are from past generations of entertainment. It’s a piece of history, so going to spot it was awesome. The area was very photogenic, so I felt as if my inner photographer was coming out (only a little bit). I was taking pictures of anything and anyone – obviously I would ask them for permission before doing so.

I felt like I was in touch with the entertainer I’ve always wanted to be, and that’s what made me love Hollywood so much. If you were thinking about going, you should probably just strap down and do it. You may not think it’s going to be a life-changing experience, but it has the ability to be!