My Trip to The Beauty Parlor From Hell: How My Hair Got Ruined!

FCC8EF7E-587A-4603-822E-56A9BC842ACEI take pride in the way I look, and when I head to a beauty parlor, I have nothing but high hopes for how I’ll look at the end of the day. If you’re anything like I am, you try and make sure that you keep your youthful looks as long as possible. Life is short, and I want to be pretty for as long as I possibly can; is that so wrong? Anyways, this is a short article that will describe my trip to the beauty parlor from hell. Avoid places like these at all costs, although you may not exactly know when they’re going to pop up. I’ve been to multiple places where the service was amazing time after time, but then one day they just sort of sucked. Management can change with the click of a button, and you never know who the new owner is going to be – that’s why you have to stay in the loop. Gossip is a big thing when it comes to beauty parlors, if you’ve ever been to one than you’re already aware of that. Some of the stories you hear from other girls are downright out of this world, but that’s just the way things go around those shops. I’m sure that men are doing the exact same thing at bars and such, so there’s really no difference there! I enjoy the culture that comes along with going to a beauty parlor, but sometimes that doesn’t make up for the lack of service. In this specific case, nothing was going my way, and I knew that it was going to be a terrible experience as soon as I sat down.

1327144558081I had a coupon from an online store that I had been meaning to use, and it was for the shop I’m speaking of. I won’t give out their name, as that’s just in bad taste (and I wouldn’t want to ruin their business, even if they managed to ruin my hair). Let’s just say that the deal was too good to be true, and I was soon about to realize that fact. You know that feeling you get, when you’ve walked into a place and you just feel like you don’t belong? That’s exactly how I was feeling the moment I walked through the door.

The Parlor

beautyparlour-1When you walk in, you notice that there are stains all over the walls. The equipment that they were making use of was stuff that I’ve never seen – you would never find any of these items in a high-quality beauty salon. You want numerous possibilities when it comes to the selection of equipment (like hair dryers and such), but this salon was pretty bare. I had to wait at least 15 minutes before anybody actually came up to the front desk and talked to me, and even when that happened, it was simply a woman who said “What do you need?”. I was skeptical, and I didn’t think it was worth the amount of money I was saving, but I figured I would give them a chance. I regretted my decision almost immediately.

beautyThe woman sat me down in a chair and told me to sit still, so that she “wouldn’t cut me, not even a little bit”. As if that was the main concern I had, I was just wondering whether the scissors she had were soaked in alcohol or not. The biggest thing I didn’t take into account was the fact that the woman cutting my hair had something that you would see from the 70’s sitting on her head. That was a dead giveaway, it’s a symbol that the salon I was in would only bring me grief! I didn’t listen, and I was already too deep – she started snipping away at my head until about 20 minutes had passed. She had given me the weirdest looking haircut a woman could ever sport, and I screeched in terror! I jumped out of the chair and sprinted to my car (without paying, of course; if she wants to press charges, I’ll counter-sure because she murdered my hair!).