What NOT to Post on Instagram

What NOT to Post on Instagram

A lot of things fly at Instagram but there are some rules here. Etiquette should be followed when it comes to pictures with your friends and then posting it on Instagram for the whole world to see. If your moral compass works properly you probably don’t need to read this guide but the more lose one’s around us want might to skim-read this article to get an idea of the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to social media.

Don’t Post Vulgar Pictures

If you are throwing a party I’m pretty sure that your friend won’t appreciate it if you share a photo of him/her hanging over the toilet as you can see in the featured image of this post. Sure the nut jobs around us would say she isn’t recognizable but nonetheless, it remains a don’t do that shit type of thing. So just don’t as it definitely won’t bring you more followers, instead some people might start to unfollow you.

Stay Away from Violent Stuff

We see enough violence in the news on a daily base so this is something you don’t want to add to Instagram or whichever social platform you prefer to use. Unless it helps a charity chose more neutral looking pictures and clearly state the cause but don’t start posting random car accidents or whatever as no one is waiting for that. They come to Instagram to have a break from their hectic lives and to see some funny or adventurous photos so violence doesn’t fit in here.

Avoid Topics that are too Controversial

I understand that you want your posts to have this viral aspect so that it goes all over the world but not everything controversial helps you. As said people use Instagram for their amusement, not to end up in heated discussions, especially when it concerns politics. You could perhaps do that on Facebook though I wouldn’t recommend it, in fact, there are forums where you can discuss different viewpoints but keep it away from places people like to hang out.

Don’t use Short Stories for Novels

Not so long ago Instagram added something new, called short stories and what do people do? They write 1000 words posts and publish it as a short story. I think Instagram fixed that by allowing a max word count same like you can see on Twitter so perhaps this is a non-issue right now. But in case they haven’t fixed it yet simply stick to the rules. The definition of a short story is 100-150 words, no more no less.

Summarizing It

If you want to read more about the do’s at Instagram, and perhaps how to grow your account in the most efficient way I refer you to Bountii¬†as they cover a lot more about online marketing at social media platforms so enjoy!