Taming Your Hair the Easy Way

Taming Your Hair

Taming your hair is a tough task, no matter which type of hair you happen to have. A lot of women (and men) around the world have been wondering what they need to be doing with their hair, and to be honest, it’s not going to be an easy problem to solve. Almost every single person on this planet is going to have a different needs for their hair,  when you take into account the fact that many people are of a mixed descent (when it comes to ethnicity), there are way too many variables to keep track of. I love hair, and I’ve always loved hair. Ever since I was a kid I always had this fascination  with hair, as well as what I could do with it in order to bring about a new style. I guess you could say I was a little Picasso of sorts, as I would always give my friends hair cuts and what not around the neighborhood I didn’t know it yet, but I was hooked on hair before I had even turned 13! Don’t let anybody tell you that your hair isn’t important (unless you don’t care or happen to be bald, both of which are completely fine!) – you need to take care of it before it’s too late.

How many of your friends are losing their hair? Well, it could very well be due to not taking care of it properly. Hair is pretty sensitive and fragile on some people, although there are people out there with some of the toughest hair you could ever imagine. You may not have that honor, but there’s no need to sweat it, because the internet is going to keep everything in shape (for now, at least!). I’d love to talk to you about the equipment you can use to keep your hair looking pretty,  but I’d rather talk about why you should do it.

For the Ladies

Taming Your HairIf you’re a woman, than you already know hair can be important. Hair comes in many different textures, some people have straight and brittle hair, whereas others will have bouncy and luscious locks. We’re all individuals, and that’s what makes us who we are – which means we’re going to need a unique set of utensils to take care of your head. If you’re a woman, make sure you take a look at the “Oomphed!” website.  They have a very large selection of hair dryer reviews to take a gander at, most of which are really jam-packed with information. The hair dryer that you use will say a lot about the health of your hair, if you’re using too much heat (or a powerful hair dryer that isn’t suitable for your kind of hair), you’re going to know about it.

Also, make sure you’re paying attention while you straighten your curly hair. I’ve been in so many circumstances where a friend calls me flipping out, only to reveal that she had just burned an entire lock of her hair off while straightening it.

For the Men

Taming-your-textureBe cautious when you’re dealing with your hair, a lot of women actually say that silly hairstyles turn them away from guys who are otherwise relatively attractive. I know it’s 2015, but you shouldn’t be trying to go all “90’s”, just because everyone else is doing it! What’s next? Are perms going to start making a comeback? All jokes a side, I like a man who knows how to take care of his head. Most of the time men just shave it and settle with what’s there, especially when they start to get older – the younger adults have become accustomed to getting crazy with everything, though. The other day I was dropping my daughter off at high school and I saw one of her classmates was sporting a high-top fade. You know, where it looks like the guy has an eraser on the top of his head?

I was astounded, but I guess that’s fads these days! Your hair dryer is just as important as a females, except guys tend to not care as much. Girls are much pickier when it comes to handling their hair in the best way possible, that’s for sure.

All in all, I would say that your hair is a very important asset regardless of your gender. If you want people to take a second look at you, keep your hair intact. Even if it means keeping a clean shave (for those who have thinning or otherwise non-stylish hair), just do it!