Think About The Entire House

Every day we generate waste in various ways and in various places, and thus we place trash cans in different rooms in our houses. Essentially they’re all alike, but upon deeper investigation, you will find that you’re best off making use of their varying features to best support their purpose, such as their sizes and whether or not they have a lid.

When furnishing your house with trash cans, first determine which rooms require one. There are the obvious places such as the bathroom and the kitchen, but don’t overlook the laundry room or your home office. Think about the size of the waste basket you require – bathrooms are better off holding small bins as you should empty the waste often, while kitchens often generate significantly more waste but at a higher rate, and so would be better off with a larger bin. These are both examples of bins which require an inner lining to easily dispose of the waste, but in the case of home offices where most of the waste is paper, a wire-mesh bin without a bin bag can suffice.

Think about the type of waste which you generate in each room and determine where you may need to dispose of liquid. Ensure your trash can and bin lining is appropriate to handle the different types of waste in order to best avoid any leakages when throwing out your bin bags.

Where you expect to produce a lot of disposable waste which quickly deteriorate or smell, consider trash cans with a lid made out of suitable material to maintain freshness in the room. Also, keep in mind its ease of discovery for when you have house guests, as no one wants to be stuck in the toilet panicking when they can’t find a waste basket!

Where you have the opportunity to recycle, ensure you have the correct bins to do so as well, and enough bins to differentiate between your recyclables and non-recyclables. Not having a container to put masses amount of used paper in is a poor excuse to allow it to be disposed along with general waste.

Perhaps one of the most important things about maintaining various trash cans around your house is to know exactly how many you have and where they are placed… a neglected trash can that is overflowing with rubbish is rarely a pleasant discovery!