How to Use Instagram Automation in a Smart Way

Amassing a huge number of followers on Instagram requires a lot of effort and time, and tons of manual work. With the competitive nature of the modern world, the more followers you have on Instagram the more influential you become. For small businessmen and entrepreneurs, automation frees up valuable time that can be used to undertake or address other important aspects of the business. At the same time, the activity levels on your account will be at a new high. The ability to grow your account without spending most of your valuable time online is not only enticing but also satisfying. You can learn more about automation tools at Managed Social. In this article, we explore some of the smart to use bots without putting your account at risk.

Be Responsible

Automation increases your following tremendously and frees up time for yourself. The more followers you get, the more the responsibility that falls on your shoulders. Therefore, use some of the free time to make your Instagram account more appealing to the new and existing followers. Create better and more interesting content and tell better stories. Put some renewed effort to make your account more captivating.

Active Engagement

The bots will go wide and far auto-liking and auto-commenting on posts that have the keywords or the hashtags you set up. New followers will definitely come along the way and it would be all for nothing if you can’t engage with them actively. Therefore, make sure you honor the time people spend on your post commenting and complementing by joining in the discussion and replying to comments.

Distance yourself from auto-commenting

Bots are different and each program is designed to perform specific or multiple tasks. Some will auto-follow, unfollow, auto-comment, and auto-like comments on your behalf. On the other hand, others are meant to just like comments and maybe follow people depending on the criteria you set. Avoid auto-commenting bots because they may bring more harm than good to your account. Auto-commenting may leave comments that are misplaced or out of context with regard to the post. Such comments may portray you as insensitive and even create ill feelings with other users.

Establish your Target Audience

Before you start using a bot, it’s important to know who you want your content to reach. Knowing your target audience helps you to achieve better results since your content is exposed to the people you targeted. However, to better help you identify targets, establish your niche and target people who have an interest in that niche. On the other hand, if your brand is local, your target audience should be the people within that locale who are likely going to have an interest in what you offer.