Use OfCGI In Film Making

CGI stands for Computer Generated Imaginary and it refers to the visual effects that we see mostly in the movies, video games, simple images and in many other things. These CGI effects are the animations which are created with the help of computer and provide you with real life like images or videos. The idea of CGI was first introduced to the industry by the television and film industry itself. Since then the people have loved CGI so much that it is being now used widely and heavily in the film industries. Most of the movies these days require CGI as it makes the movie look awesome as well as very interactive. For more details regarding CGI, you can consider the following points.

Story designing freedom: CGI provides freedom to the writers, filmmakers, directors and many other people to design the story as they want and the characters as they want. In the old time movies, it was really tough to make the people look as if they were flying high up in the sky. The directors tried fast wind and people hanging with ropes to create the flying effect, but it was not up to the mark as needed by the industry. With the introduction of CGI, these impossible things have also become possible in the film industry. Now, Superman flies high up in the sky with great speed which is only possible with the help of CGI. Though it is completely impossible in the real world, but CGI has made it possible for you to the silver screen. These days, a writer writes the stories without any kind of limitation.

Cost effective: Using the CGI in movies has proved to be very cost effective. Nowadays, movies are being shot at multiple locations so visiting any location with all your crew for just 10-second shot is not worth going. Most of the film directors prefer to use the animated image of that location and make the movie with that shot, which saves a lot of money. If you want a snow covered location for your movies, then visiting the AlpsMountain is not worth it. The directors use animated video of the Alps Mountain and put the footage in the movies as if the movies are actually shot on The Alps Mountain.

Design impossible scenes: CGI can also help in shooting the impossible scenes that you can ever imagine. This technology can make impossible things possible. Dinosaurs are extinct since a long time, but with the help of CGI, you can make the dinosaurs come back to life. Without CGI it is very much difficult to make dinosaurs appear in your movie. CGI brings dead creatures back to life, as well as brings toys back to life. The toys start to live like humans, behave like humans, and talk like humans. Without CGI, it is almost impossible to provide the user with such details and ideas.