Visiting a Beauty Salon for the First Time

Growing up my mother had always cut my hair. I had never been to a hair dresser or stylist in my entire life. When I was with my grandmother on the weekends, she would go and have her hair done while I would help the hair dresser clean up and scrub shelves. I have never been one to like to get dolled up just so I can ruin it by working extremely hard to get something else cleaned. It always seemed like a hassle to have to worry about messing up your hair while you are working on your own house or in the yard mowing grass.

The Hair Dresser that Changed My Mind

A friend of my had convinced me that we needed a girls’ day out that included getting our nails and hair done along with some relaxing time. I prepared for the worst, but agreed to go anyhow. The ride to the beauty salon was rather long, but my friend assured me that the length of the ride was definitely worth the type of work that this particular person did. I sat back and enjoyed riding along in the car and listening to music while I awaited my first hair style appointment.

We arrived about fifteen minutes before our scheduled appointments. When we checked in, before we could get seated comfortably, we were both being called to the back. I had to admit that the process of entering and being tended to immediately was a bonus. My friend and I were placed in chairs right next to one another, which was a great thing because we didn’t have to yell across the beauty shop. We had decided before we walked in the door what we wanted to have done. I was going for a natural look, but with purple undertones and she was going to have her hair highlighted.

During the washing and drying of my hair I noticed the dryer that the stylist was using. She complimented it saying that it was the best hair dryer in 2016 and that it was cheaper than the other professional models and did twice as much. I questioned whether or not it would help me at home to style my hair the way I would like to do so and she agreed that it would. After leaving the salon very excited about my first visit, I went straight to a beauty shop and purchased the same exact hair dryer.

Hair Styling at Home

There were plenty of ways that you can successfully cut and style your own hair at home. I had been doing so for almost thirty years before actually visiting a beauty salon. With my new hair dryer it seemed to go a lot faster when I wanted to jump in the shower and dry my hair before styling it. The heat that it produced was efficient enough to dry the wettest of curls on my head. It was even strong enough to blow dry my daughters head in less than three minutes.

I normally used hair spray to make the style stick, but lately that wasn’t even doing the job. After an hour everything would have fallen out and the hair spray no longer worked. I began to find other styles that used the blow dryer to puff the hair out as I styled it with a comb and some gel if necessary. I loved being able to walk around without having my hair feel stiff and actually smile when I look into the mirror at my new hairdo.

My daughter enjoyed having mommy style her hair, but I never used hair spray on hers as I thought that it might would mess up her hair over time. She has had a few episodes of where she has cut the bangs off to where they were completely gone. It took me a while to be able to style the front of her hair but eventually I was able to puff out her bangs and give her several different styles throughout the school week. With each passing hair style that she saw on someone else, or another child, she felt as if I could do it to her head, and in many instances I gave it my best try.