Ways to Use Instagram to Market Your Business Better

Instagram has seen a steady growth in popularity over the past few years since its launch. It represents an easy way for brands to engage with their customers, and for fans to follow what their favourite celebrities are doing.

Data from this platform shows that every second receives upwards of 1,000 comments and 9,000 likes, with more than 60 million images posted on a daily basis.

As a business, adding Instagram to your social marketing cache is a huge boost in creating bonds between your audience and the brand. You can use the app as a platform to promote existing products and services and introducing new ones.

There are various ways you can use the app to market your products and services.

Host Contests

Holding a contest is one of the ways to increase the number of followers on Instagram. This is also a way to increase the level of engagement on this platform. You can offer one of your products as a prize, asking followers to post an image with a unique hashtag that talks about your brand.

Handling a short-term contest is not the best idea because you end up with short-term followers as compared to loyal followers.

Use Unique Hashtags

These tags act as keywords to help users find your products on the platform. Opt for hashtags that relate to the products that you offer, and streamline the tags such that you don’t duplicate what your competitor is doing.

Take time to understand the kind of hashtags that are trending and then use a few in your posts.

Find hashtags that suit your business using third-party sites that give you this insight.

Cross Promote

When setting up your Instagram account, it is great to link it to other social networks too. The common networks that you can link to include Twitter and Facebook. Linking these accounts to your Instagram account make it easy to post photos automatically. This builds your exposure and takes your user engagement to a new level.


You can automate most of the tasks that you handle manually on Instagram using third-party applications. However, one of the tasks you need to automate is account management. If you are too busy handling other core tasks of the business, it is better to have an account manager. You can check it out on the popular platform to see what it can offer.

Final Words

Make sure you use these tips to stay ahead of the competition. Instagram gives you all you need to stay visible online.