Which film character would you be?

Everyone loves going to the movies and an awful lot of the time the characters we all see and enjoy on the big screen leave lasting imprints on us for life. I know for a fact that as soon as I came out of the theatre after seeing The Dark Knight I knew there and then that I was going to be Batman. Admittedly I soon realised that there were a few issues with this, namely that I was only a billion dollars away from being a billionaire and I don’t think that I would be anywhere near comfortable jumping off of tall buildings and wrestling bad guys, but hey ho you can’t win them all can you? This did get me thinking a new question. If I could be an attainable film character which one would I be? I’ve picked a few candidates and am going to take a look at why I think they would be the perfect character for me.

Dr Doolittle 

Who wouldn’t want to be the guy who was responsible for the best superpower ever? (Note that I said best not most useful.) He was responsible for the pets sensation that we all went through after seeing the film. If I could talk to animals I don’t think I would ever be bored for another day in my life. I would happily walk around discussing the news of the day with my dogs, checking on what was going on with all of the ducks on their pond and then popping over to India to chat with a tiger or two. This was a simple power that I would feel comfortable controlling and for this reason Dr Doolittle makes the list.

James Bond 

Now before you break down into a tonne of laughter at the thought of this one, let me explain myself. Before James Bond became the suave superspy that we all know and love, surely he was just a regular guy like me and you. He probably took a sandwich to his office job every day and treated himself to a curry when he felt like he had worked hard enough for it. Long story short, before all of the years of training that he would have needed to become a spy, James Bond was probably as average as they come and that is where I would be starting from. If he had to start at 0 and has managed to work his way up to 007 then there is no reason I couldn’t do exactly the same!

Mr Bean 

I thought it was probably best that I threw in one character from the silver screen who was more accurate and I could probably portray without issue. My Bean is the perennial klutz who was always getting into the most ridiculous of scenarios and then somehow managing to get himself out of them without the use of words. If I had that sort of ability without even talking then I would be throwing myself into all of the hijinx I could possible find. The good thing about Mr Bean is that he always seemed to be happy to. There was never a moment when he was not smiling away and getting lost in the merriment and wonder of the everyday world. If I could do that I think it would make my life so much better as my cynical self hates pretty much everything out there and I think it is time for a change.  I would love to be happy all of the time, even if everyone would begin to hate me a little…

So, this was one of the more interesting fictional dilemmas I have ever thought up. I have just written down the first three characters from the world of cinema who I actually think I could stand a chance of being if it comes down to it. I am intrigued as to who you think yours would be and I want to know if yours are more or less attainable than my own so get thinking!